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Philippians 4:13
"I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens ME."

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* Tuesday, May 18, 2010 *

I do not know about you but attendance has not been really consistent for the past months. I've noticed other than the regular few, a lot of our cell members are missing here and there. They are always coming and going. Exams may be one factor but we should be honouring God since our exams are now OVER! If you are one of those ones who are coming and going, you know what to do.

I think that we have to grow together as a cell and must really want it badly. Even for myself, I've realized that I've not been wanting and desiring for God that badly. We really need to desire and pursue God so dearly at all times. We have to grow!!! I believe that we will. It is time we step out of our comfort zone!

I don't know anybody is still reading this super dead blog that only now I'm still posting but I know God sees us and sees the need for growth. We cannot really just sit back anymore. WE must create that surplus that the Centralone of he earlier years had. Those years was such a surplus that it led to the birth of Central 2 and then Central 3. I believe that we can even create a larger surplus and bring more to christ! Let us make that miracle happen!

I know to many, exams maybe over but we've got pretty bad grades. I've had mine but I still thank God for bringing me through and teaching me how to grow strong in my walk of faith. I'm still learning and I want to know a lot more. I'm not going to ask you to post anymore.I'm asking of you to share whatever God has asked you to. Be it during cell or on the blog.

Looking back, I've seen we'll always be centralone no matter where we go and we are always family.

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