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the ones for God
Philippians 4:13
"I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens ME."

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* Thursday, July 30, 2009 *

this is a bit lag!
but i looove these 3 songs from last saturday's concert:D

anybody have the song you hold me now please send me!

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Hear Ye Praise Thee!
Hello! My Centralone Mates!
It is just only a few days towards The Festival Of Praise!
Those coming on Saturday remember to meet at Kallang MRT on time at 6.30 p.m.
Those going on FRiday, Contact Fidelia.
For tickets or any other relevant details conact JeeYen.
Also remember to put on happy faces on that day as the paparazzi is armed with his camera for Gerlaine to see how we're doing. So smile!
Heard from Gerlaine so far...She haven't found a church there yet! So let's pray that she'll be able to settle down in one soon and grow deeper with God. Since she also said that she's so bored during the weekend let's pray for her to get a Hunky Ang Mor boyfriend to entertain her weekends.
So It's a date! And Smiles!
Caleb signing off!

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* Sunday, July 26, 2009 *

"Say what they want, Say what they want ! WE ARE FREE~"

Woo~ As you can see, a new music player has been added to liven up the blog =)
Feel free to request songs to be added to the list

Keep worshipping with your hearts.


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* Friday, July 24, 2009 *

Hi Centralone! I've noticed still no one has posted up anything ever since the birth of the new layout except for Fid and Dusk. SO I'm going to share with you my past experiences for this entire week...It started out on a very stressful monday when I had 2 boys supposedly to also participate in a Drama Competition however they were QUARRANTINED! I got really stressed up as there is only like 2-3 days before the competition! Then I had to practice with whatever I had, I called in another 2 boys who had suited the role. The sad thing was that they were unwilling and gave me attitude problems. I was really obstructed by so many obstacles. I prayed to the Lord Hoping to get an answer or a way to solve this problem. I was waiting...and waiting...still waiting....And still no answer. I was quite disappointed. The next day, My drama teacher told me that another boy was down with High fever. Finally and Unfortunately, we had to withdraw from the competition:(
But the good news is we are to perform for the National Literature Festival which gives us ample time to prepare. Yah God! He made out of even the worst situations to be something beneficial. Turns out He really answered our prayers afterall! So Keep Praying!

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* Sunday, July 19, 2009 *

isn't it an honour, that out of all God has created, He has chosen us to worship Him?
i realise that many of times i take that call to worship for granted.
just yesterday during service, dr bekker gave an altar call.
and if you remember, he prophecised over many.
and i've a confession to make(don't kill me please).
last night i kept asking God why it wasn't me, cos i've always longed to be used in a mighty way by Him.
and i've been asking God what my calling is since long long ago, yet He hasn't answered me.
i felt quite upset, but i just went to sleep.
then just this morning, God called me into His presence to worship Him.
and i can safely say that nothing compares to ministering to the heart of God.
He showed me just how amazing it can be, it's like a wonderful privellege.
it's the first and primary calling for every single one of us, like what dr bekker said.
but the simplest truths that are thought to be "understood" are often taken for granted.
but i thank God for reminding me that down at His feet is really the most high place.
and there is no higher calling, no greater honour.
yeah so i believe that all of us need reminders sometimes, so i decided to share this.
p.s. this is my first post on the newly revamped blog!

lots of love, fidelia.

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this post was by dusk but he didn't put his name.
remember uh, when you post, put your name!


(edit AGAIN)
The title of the blog at the top, "fidelia rocks" is purely requested by fidelia herself and has nothing to do with me. =) I shall also take credit for everything done in the creation of this new blog skin. WOO.

(edit again again)
and you didn't put your name again you doodoo. also the title has everything to do with you cos you consented and did it without the use of force(: anyway anyone who wants to post but don't have/forgot the password ask any one of us(:

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