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the ones for God
Philippians 4:13
"I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens ME."

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* Tuesday, October 27, 2009 *

Central One! Ones in the eyes of God! One in the center of God's Attention.
Believe in what the Bible says! Believe in what God really want to speak to you about!

I felt God asking me to write this blog entry because I felt that God knows all our pain and struggles. In this time of exams and difficulties, somehow even after the exams, it doesn't seem to be a break or a relief at all. Instead, we might feel a lot more struggles and a lot more pain.

During my week of fasting and praying, I really cried and was really frustrated why God isn't really answering my prayers! I was really in agony when I see my family falling apart. The bonds as a family is no longer there, it is really a sign of madness and pain. Then came my grades for my finals, it wasn't really a wince bit of good at all! I flunked my chemistry and e-maths. I felt really hopeless, even my best few topics sucked to the very core. There was not really a good thing about the final year exams. In fact the finals had been the worst exams of my life! My parents were expecting me to score A's and to even do better than that. But what can I do? They think that everything is so easy and so easy to score. Maybe, I didn't revise enough but I know that I did put in alot of effort in it.

Especially My egoistic father, who only knows how to say " You see, so arrogant!" He thinks that I did not put in effort at all. I think he's incredibly stupid and retarded. As he only knows how to say that about people but never looks at himself. I might let my anger overtake me at one moment but that is how I truly felt for the past few weeks. Then comes to my maid who thinks that she's so great, she's been shouting and yelling at my 2 sibling, day in day out. She refuses to iron my aunts' clothes because they forgot to buy her breakfast that they usually do when they're out in the market. Even though there is food at home! I mean what kind of a person is she. It has been truly a tough time for me, even to survive in this family. Most of the times, I might need a break or somewhere to escape from this family for a long time. It was tough for me to survive.

It has been grueling and tough for me. I might be put through the test and so will many during this period. Perhaps, this is what God want me to go through when I asked for moulding. Though it may be tough, but this is the period that I really want to seek God even more, to even really trust him more. Without him,I might even be in a mental hospital by now!
I felt that many of us may go through a lot of problems in our personal life, family or friendships. Be it anything, we've gone through alot. The devil tries all this to even separate us from God but God will turn things around to our benefit. Let us grow stronger and keep praying for God's presence and God's blessing. I believe that God will come to us.

Also, to keep in prayer Jerry, Malcolm and Fidelia, not to mention Ailin! All four of them are taking their O Levels this year. Let us pray for the best of their academics! Especially during this period where they experience fatigue, tiredness or even frustration. Let us pray together as a cell for them and for the Lord to empower them with the Holy Spirit! Let's keep them in our prayers and for them to continue growing in the Lord even in the business of their studies.
Let us continue to trust in the Lord for he will make our path straight! Let us also share our own experiences as a cell with others so as to even pray for one another and encourage each other. My journey may be tough but it can be made better with you guys and God!

Signing Off,

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."
Deuteronomy 31:6

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* Thursday, October 15, 2009 *

Hi again Centralones!

It's been a long time ever since I wrote my last blog entry. To begin with, I know that almost all of your exams are over but continue to keep Fidelia, Jerry and Malcolm in prayer as their O Level starts in 7 days time! It is indeed time to celebrate after so much of hard work put in to the Finals. So I suppose that you do not have anything else on so no excuse for not coming to church. It may be tough to come from such a long way from one end of Singapore to the other but it is all worth the while for our Lord Jesus Christ! Remember if you have any thoughts or troubles, you can always share during cell. After all, a cell is one big family.
And some updates on Gerlaine: She's doing pretty well there with her friends and they even went to visit a prison museum and casino and did ice-skating. She's having quite a lot of fun there. You can check her photos on FaceBook.
Finally, let us pray with one united voice for the nation and the world. Where almost everywhere is sickness and disasters and that the loss of many lives. We should pray for the lord to guide them and even comfort them. Also let us pray for the salvation of our friends and families. In this time of uncertainty, you can feel in your lives that the devil tries to rob our happiness and tries to bring us down. Let us not be discouraged and rise to the occasion. With God, we're overcomers!

Well That's it for now!
God Bless

"Come unto Me, all ye that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
- Jesus Christ

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