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Philippians 4:13
"I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens ME."

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* Tuesday, November 17, 2009 *

Hi Centralone!
This is the very first time I am writing a blog entry obverseas in Hokaido! It is pretty cold and freezing in here. You have to wear at least 3 to 4 layers of clothings. What a Hassle. It's kind of a sad thing to miss church service and cell 2 times in a row! It is like part of your life taken away from you. Remembering the time where I had a family gathering on a saturday... It did not seemed that great of a celebratory mode for me. What kept running through my mind was church, service, cell... Perhaps it shows a sign of bonding with the church, a bond from God. I've realised that we always are sob busy with our daily activities that we might miss our own quiet time with God or would be far too tired to even set apart this time. Sometimes, we may just lie on our bed and doze off. However, God brings us closer to him via our weekend services or the time we serve. We really grew much as a cell, compared to the past. We've definitely have a greater passion and desire for God.

Thus, I think we should all take that step of faith like what Crystal said. We should move on to evangilising to others. That we should practice more often and to see more of our friends come to know christ. We should also try our best to attend services on time and come regularly despite all our academic studies and major exams. If we ever honour God and put him first, he in turn will honour you.

If you have not known, our beloved Crystal is going to move on from cell ministry to worship ministry at the end of the year where it is more of her calling. In her position would be Sean Lee Ah Lee who makes everything complicated. But He would be able to bring us to the next level of faith and growing with God.

That's really all for now and to end off, there's some prayer pointers.
1)My aunt is going through chemotheraphy and I ask of you all to pray for her speedy recovery and peserverance through all this pain.
2) Pray for Fidelia's parents to trust more in her so as to even give her some of her privacy especially for her own quiet time.
3) Pray for Ailin to be able to come back to church more frequently as her father placed a restrainig order on her.

If there's anymore prayers needed or any troubles you face, please approach the cell and feel free to share and we'll definitely lend you support and the prayers you need.

Good Night & God Bless

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