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"I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens ME."

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* Thursday, October 15, 2009 *

Hi again Centralones!

It's been a long time ever since I wrote my last blog entry. To begin with, I know that almost all of your exams are over but continue to keep Fidelia, Jerry and Malcolm in prayer as their O Level starts in 7 days time! It is indeed time to celebrate after so much of hard work put in to the Finals. So I suppose that you do not have anything else on so no excuse for not coming to church. It may be tough to come from such a long way from one end of Singapore to the other but it is all worth the while for our Lord Jesus Christ! Remember if you have any thoughts or troubles, you can always share during cell. After all, a cell is one big family.
And some updates on Gerlaine: She's doing pretty well there with her friends and they even went to visit a prison museum and casino and did ice-skating. She's having quite a lot of fun there. You can check her photos on FaceBook.
Finally, let us pray with one united voice for the nation and the world. Where almost everywhere is sickness and disasters and that the loss of many lives. We should pray for the lord to guide them and even comfort them. Also let us pray for the salvation of our friends and families. In this time of uncertainty, you can feel in your lives that the devil tries to rob our happiness and tries to bring us down. Let us not be discouraged and rise to the occasion. With God, we're overcomers!

Well That's it for now!
God Bless

"Come unto Me, all ye that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
- Jesus Christ

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